Student Evaluation of Teaching Program

IEA conducts the official student evaluations of teaching at SJSU. To encourage wide participation and open feedback, students' identities are kept confidential and answers are only reported to faculty in summary form.

Significant Changes for Spring 2017

Faculty quick guide to access new SOTE reports

Where's my SOTE? An overview of what's changing

Starting in May 2017, SJSU is making a major change in the way SOTE/SOLATE are presented to students and faculty.

  • -> For all courses housed in the Lucas College of Business (both undergraduate and graduate), student teaching evaluations will be conducted using a new platform called MyCoursEval.
  • -> Students in these classes will receive separate e-mail invitations at their preferred e-mail addresses, along with links in Canvas, to complete their evaluations.
  • -> Links to evaluate all non-Business courses** will be posted in MySJSU as in the past.

**Note: All PHIL 186 / BUS3 186 sections are housed in the Philosophy Department and their evaluations will be on MySJSU, not on MyCoursEval. For students taking both Business and non-Business courses, you will have evaluations available to complete on MyCoursEval and on MySJSU for the respective courses. Please contact the IEA office if you have any problems finding your evaluations!

After the end of the Spring 2017 semester, faculty teaching Business courses will receive new reporting options as well.

Background on SOTE and SOLATE

The Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness (SOTE) form is used in courses primarily taught in lecture and seminar formats. The Student Opinion of Laboratory and Activity Teaching Effectiveness (SOLATE) form is used in laboratory and activity courses. The content of SOTE/SOLATE, along with policies on teaching evaluations, come from the Student Evaluation Review Board (SERB) and the SJSU Academic Senate.

Policies and Procedures


Historical Information on Online Teaching Evaluations

Historical Baseline Values (Norms) of Teaching Evaluations