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Enrollment Planning Reports  

This section provides useful information in a variety of areas affecting enrollment management and planning. Also, the information could be used to exert more control over the course enrollment planning and bottleneck (high demand) courses. It also offers the admission yield analysis for incoming students, first-time freshmen, new undergraduate transfers, new credentials, and first-time graduate students.

The enrollment targets (FTES) AA Enrollment Targets in Pdf AA Enrollment Targets in Excel, used in the reports below, were developed in consultation with the Deans and Academic Affairs Enrollment and Graduation Committee. For further clarification on the development of college level enrollment targets and historical figures, please contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics.

Daily Update Daily Enrollment Update: Summer 2015 coming soon...

Course Enrollment Info

Current Enrollment and Targets

General Education (GE) Courses


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Admission Tracking and Yield Analyses


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* Su = Summer; F = Fall; Sp = Spring; Archives = Historical Census Information