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Student Engagement and Perception Dashboards

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Students who are actively involved in their own learning and development are more likely to be successful in college. Colleges and universities offer students a wide variety of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to become engaged with new ideas, people, and experiences. Institutions measure the effectiveness of these opportunities in a variety of ways to better understand what types of activities and programs students find the most helpful.

Note: Information presented below is for seniors only. For information on NSSE survey, CLICK HERE


Group Learning Experiences - Seniors Only

% of Often/Very Often
NSSE Group Learning Experiences

 Active Learning Experiences - Seniors Only

% Experienced Active Learning
NSSE Active Learning Experiences

 Inst Commitment to Student Learning - Seniors Only

% Sense of Institutional Commitment
NSSE Institution Commitment to Student Learning

 Student Satisfaction - Seniors Only

% of Satisfied
NSSE Student Satisfaction

 Interaction with Faculty & Staff -Seniors Only

% of Sense of Commitment
NSSE Student Interaction with Faculty and Staff

 Experiences with Diverse Groups - Seniors Only


% of Having Experienced Diversity
NSSE Experiences with Diversity