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Regular Session Enrollment (state-support)

SJSU supports approximately 33,000 students in state-supported degree and credential programs. Below we provide enrollment details according to the enrollment census we take each term.

Use this interactive regular session enrollment report to view information by university, college, program and concentration. As well as commonly used demographic characteristics of the students, including class level, ethnicity, age, gender, full-time/part-time status, residence area, tuition residency, and enrollment status, average unit load.

Regular Session Enrollment (state-support)

   Enrollment by Year

   Enrollment by Demographics

   Enrollment by College

   Enrollment by Department

   Enrollment by Major/Program

   Enrollment Trends

   Enrollment Summary
       includes multiple breakdown options, example by cohort type, class level

Special Session Enrollment (self-support)

Special Session programs at San José State is designed for matriculated students to earn both undergraduate and graduate credits. More than 1,500 students were enrolled in these programs that help them achieve their education goals. For more information about the Special Session programs, visit SJSU Special Session.

   Special Session Enrollment Report

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